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Rental Property Management In Haverhill, MA


How We'll Help With Your
Your Property Management Needs

Professional rental services that deliver outstanding results
Family owned, also investors, we turn nightmare properties into quality investments

Rental Marketing

We list the units through Buildium to the syndicate websites. We use our existing connections with local housing authorities and non profits. We have a regular flow of people calling and inquiring about units and also rehouse internally with existing tenants.

Rent Collection

We collect rent through all available methods presented to us in buildium in addition to by mail. We contact all tenants by phone and email who are a little late during the first week of the month. We send out notices mid month to all tenants who have have not caught up or do not have payment agreements.


We get into each unit at least once per year when renewing leases to get eyes on the unit condition. Most units we see more frequently between city licensing requirements, housing inspections, repairs, annual fire alarm testing, etc.


Tenant Screening

We respond quickly to all inquiries about available units. We use full credit, criminal background, and housing court screenings. We verify al references including landlord and job.


We can handle all things required to efficiently run a rental property through a mix of in house and contractor relationships. We turn apartments with our in house staff. We have an in house licensed electrician and licensed pesticide applicator. We are available 24/7 for maintenance emergency response with on call staff.


With written lease violations for more minor infractions to document them. If these are repeated in the future the tenants will be served a notice to quit. Each violation type is different and more leniency may be offered for minor infractions. Communication with the tenant is key.

In-house pest control. Licensed electrician on staff. Office staff that speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English fluently. We are Lawrence's largest lodging house (rooming/boarding house) operator.

We specialize in turning problem buildings into cash-flowing assets.


What Sets Lennhoff Properties Apart From the Rest?

We Actually Know Your Name

It’s important for us to get to know you by providing access to our tenant portal for owners. Here, you can update your preferences and information. We understand that every owner has unique communication needs. And we customize our services for your benefit.

Experience You Can Count on

Lennhoff Properties was born out of the need to solve our own property challenges. We were looking for trustworthy property management services for our own portfolio. By leveraging our personal experiences, we will provide you with superior services every step of the way.

Technology Tailored To Your Needs

Our management software of choice is Buildium. With its retail cash pay and property inspections app, you’re guaranteed to enjoy seamless operations. Our reliable system handles security deposits and simplifies documented processes so you don’t have to! You can even reconcile bank statements to verify accuracy.


We Love When Our Clients are Happy

Chantel Gangi

Very clean, nice & peaceful. Forrest is a wonderful landlord also. Easygoing and a really good guy. Hard to find today out here with some of these "landlords" I have seemed to find here. Best apartment I've rented, honestly.

Keisha Enagbare

Lennhoff is now managing our apartment building and have been extremely helpful at addressing facility issues. I am able to easily make payments online through there website.


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What Are the Benefits of Working With Lennhoff Properties?



It's time for you to enjoy the financial freedom that you deserve. Our team knows exactly how to help you maximize your property's earning potential.



As a benefit of working with us, you can be sure that we will always maintain the highest levels of professionalism. We're delighted to serve you.


Peace of Mind

With Lennhoff Properties, your property is in capable hands. So leave the challenging tasks to us and focus on what's important to you.

More about Our Team and Lennhoff Properties Approach


We offer a hands-off experience to owning rental properties for our owners. So when you choose us, you can be sure that all the stress of managing property will be taken off your hands. We have an unbeatable combination - Forrest’s trade knowledge, connections, and dedication and Taylor’s meticulous attention to detail and approachable nature. Together, we have the experience necessary to manage property-related problems and improve overall operations, value, and ability to generate income.


Trust us to take care of your investment. We offer a 24/7 maintenance line. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, you can be sure we're a phone call away. And this will keep both you and your clients happy.


In addition to traditional apartment-style housing, we are proud to be the largest boarding house (rooming house or lodging house) operator in Lawrence with nearly 200 units under management. As an ambitious and growing company, we strive daily to create a positive experience for our clients and tenants.

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